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A helping hand to the survivors of the Turkish earthquake near the Syrian border – The Mimici Foundation

By March 22, 2023May 28th, 2024No Comments

Extending Aid to Those in Need!

Adding to the support already provided to the Turkish earthquake survivors, The Mimici Foundation in collaboration with FJVA immediately mobilised to offer support to the survivors near the Syrian border as well. We channelled our efforts towards offering relief to those affected by the catastrophe. Our combined support was aimed to provide comfort and necessities during this challenging time.

Our assistance took the form of vital supplies, including sleeping bags, blankets, diapers, wet wipes, baby food, camping gear, and more. These provisions were a small yet heartfelt gesture towards easing the burden faced by those impacted by the earthquake.

In moments of crisis, it’s crucial to stand together and extend a helping hand to our fellow human beings. The Mimici Foundation remains committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those in need, wherever they may be.

The Mimici Foundation supports causes such as the survivors of the earthquake on the Syrian Border and improving the lives of those in need through various projects. Should you wish to contribute to similar causes and make a real difference, you can do so today by clicking here.