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FJVA Updates

A new look for the FJVA Group

By August 26, 2022No Comments

While the FJVA Group has rebranded its identity, we remain loyal to our core values which are rooted in our heritage, that of being a customer-centric family business.  These values remain intertwined into the very fabric of our processes and everyday operations which we keep at heart whilst servicing our customers.

This rebrand portrays our proactive and forward-thinking approach, whilst operating within a dynamic and ever-evolving financial services environment.  Our legacy and our values remain an integral part of who we are.

“Following years of mentorship by the Founder of the FJVA Group, my father, a decision was taken to pass on the baton to me.  The rebranding of the Group took place with careful consideration whilst continuing to represent our beliefs and values as a family business.  The transition of leadership has not only served to strengthen the solid foundation that my father established in 1998 but, also provides continuity together with an evolving service offering. The trust shown in me by my father, makes me feel privileged to carry the baton with pride and responsibility,” stated Chief Executive Officer, Adriana Camilleri Vassallo.