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FJVA is a company where the staff is truly treated like the highest value asset and offers a supportive and friendly environment to grow professionally and personally.

Erica CutajarBanking , Manager

Joining FJVA was like being welcomed into a family. Support is not only offered by fellow colleagues but also by top management, which makes the journey much easier. Something that you can feel immediately at FJVA is the trust and empowerment given to every employee, which results in superior work and a serene environment to work in. The values, ethics and culture are the pillars of the company which are practised every day by everyone within the FJVA family.

Edmea Chasoulidis AbelaBrand and Communications, Manager

Working at Francis J. Vassallo & Associates Ltd since 2012 and having known Mr. Vassallo for over 20 years, changed my working experience totally. Although having worked in many different companies before, the set up at FJVA was totally different as it is a family run business where employees are not just numbers but considered as family.
Being appointed as Mr. Vassallo’s personal assistant since 2018 was a great achievement for me and for this I thank him and Adriana whom I can openly call them as close friends and not my employers. Thank you both.

Philip DeGabrieleFinance and Administration, Assistant Finance and PA to Mr. Vassallo

From the very first time I stepped foot in the office, I immediately felt at ease and my gut feeling was a positive one. Everyone made me feel welcome from my first interview. The culture is a very positive one and the attitude is to help and work as one family and as a team. I have already learnt a lot during the past months since I joined, especially from my team, and only look forward to broadening my knowledge and growing within the company.

Naomi Galea MckayTax Compliance, Assistant Executive

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