Advantages of Malta

The salient features that make Malta one of the most attractive financial services centres are:

  • The introduction of a comprehensive financial services legislation package in 1994 which provides for a stable and regulated financial services environment in areas such as banking, investment services and insurance
  • Malta became a Member of the European Union in 2004 resulting in the alignment of financial services legislation to EU directives
  • Malta’s tax legislation was reviewed in 2007 and given the European Union’s ‘seal’ of approval
  • Malta is an onshore jurisdiction
  • Malta’s corporate legislation is based on the British model
  • English is one of Malta’s official languages and all legislation is also available in the English language
  • The financial services sector is supervised by an autonomous and accessible regulator
  • Malta’s accessibility due to its geographical location and the availability of frequent airline connections to major European cities
  • Malta’s highly skilled and qualified workforce
  • Operating costs that are relatively low
  • Malta has an attractive tax system based on a full imputation system whereby tax paid by a Malta company is attributed to its shareholder
  • Malta has signed a substantial number of double taxation agreements based on the OECD model and carries out ongoing efforts to negotiate more
  • Malta is in the Eurozone