Director and Company Secretary Services

Director Services

At least one director is required to be appointed in the case of private companies and two directors are required in the case of public companies, with there being no restrictions as to their nationality. In all cases, the directors of a company are appointed by the shareholders and are subject to removal by the shareholders subject to the fulfillment of certain procedures.

Various acts and regulations in Malta legislation deal extensively with the rights and responsibilities of directors of a Malta company. In turn, the rights of representation of the directors are set out by the shareholders in the Memorandum of Association of the Malta company. Furthermore, in terms of the Articles of Association, the shareholders stipulate the procedures that are to be followed by the directors such as, quorum for board meetings and the number of votes required for the purposes of taking resolutions.
We provide director services to Malta companies and added value through direct involvement in their management. In our capacity as directors, we ensure that the affairs of the Malta company are carried out within the ambits of Malta legislation and in full compliance with statutory requirements such as of a corporate, direct and indirect tax nature. We do this with diligence as we believe that these are the building blocks in maintaining the integrity of the Malta company.

Company Secretary Services

A Malta company is required to have an appointed company secretary. With the exception of the first company secretary appointed by the shareholders, subsequent appointments are made by the directors. As an officer in terms of law, the company secretary is responsible for the compliance of the company with statutory requirements and of ensuring compliance with the company’s Articles of Association. In making such appointment, there is a responsibility to appoint a person who is fully competent to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the company secretary.
We provide company secretary services to ensure that a company is at all times compliant with statutory obligations under Malta law and with the articles of association of the company.