Malta Company Fact File

General Information

Form of limited liability company

Private or public

Registered office in Malta


Reservation of company name in advance



By subscription of Memorandum of Association and filing at the Registry of Companies

Time required for incorporation

1 – 2 working days from provision of documentation

Certificate of Registration

Issued by Registrar of Companies upon incorporation

Applicable Legislation

Corporate Matters:

Heavily based on UK legislation

Companies Act and subsidiary legilsation

Heavily compliant with EU legislation

Tax Matters

Originally based on UK legislation

Income Tax Act, Income Tax Management Act and subsidiary legislation

Received ‘seal of approval’ by European Union in 2007

Share Capital and Shares


Any convertible currency

Minimum issued share capital

€ 1,165 for private company
€46,588 for public company

Partly paid up shares

Allowed (as long as the minimum issued share capital is fully paid up)

Classes of shares enjoying different rights


Pledging of shares

Allowed (unless excluded by Memorandum or terms of issue)

Invitation to the public to subscribe to shares or debentures of the company

Allowed in case of public companies

Restrictions from thin capitalisation



Number of shareholders

Generally minimum of 2

Single member company

Allowed in case of a private company only (but certain restrictions apply)

Holding of shares under fiduciary arrangement


Corporate shareholder


Officers of The Company


Minimum 1 for private company
Minimum 2 for public company

Corporate director

Allowed (except in case of single member company)

Local director

Not necessarily required but generally recommended

Appointment and removal of directors

By shareholders

Company secretary

Must be an individual of any nationality

Compliance Obligations

Annual return

To be filed annually within 42 days from anniversary of registration