Transfer of Tax Residence in Malta

Companies that are incorporated (domiciled) outside Malta may transfer their tax residence to Malta whilst remaining domiciled in the jurisdiction of incorporation. By so doing, such company would be taxable in Malta on all income arising in or remitted to Malta and on all capital gains arising in Malta. Capital gains arising outside Malta is not taxable in Malta even if remitted to Malta.

The same tax principles that apply to companies that are both domiciled and resident in Malta for tax purposes equally apply to companies that are

domiciled outside Malta but have transferred their tax residence to Malta. These tax principles include matters such as the availability of double taxation relief, the rules on tax deductibility of expenses and the possibility of the shareholder of claiming a refund of part or all of the tax suffered in Malta by the company.

The FJVA Group assists in the transfer of tax residence of companies to Malta and thereafter provides ongoing management, compliance and other ancillary services as may be required.