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Extending Hope to Harvey – The Mimici Foundation

By August 2, 2023May 28th, 2024No Comments

The Mimici Foundation, in collaboration with FJVA, has sponsored Harvey from ‘Healing with Harvey’ with a generous donation of €5,000! Harvey’s journey is one of resilience and determination, and we’re honoured to support him on his path to healing and recovery.

In early 2014, Harvey faced a traumatic incident when he was scalded by hot food, sustaining 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his face, chin, chest, and arm. Despite the challenges he’s faced, Harvey’s spirit remains unbroken, and we’re committed to helping him rebuild and thrive.

Your support makes a world of difference in Harvey’s life and the lives of those like him. Together, let’s continue to spread love, hope, and healing to individuals overcoming adversity.

The Mimici Foundation supports causes such as Harvey and improving the lives of those in need through various projects. Should you wish to contribute to similar causes and make a real difference, you can do so today by clicking here.