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Giving Back on FJVA’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations – The Mimici Foundation

By May 19, 2023May 28th, 2024No Comments

Giving Back on FJVA’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations

During the joyous occasion of FJVA’s 25th anniversary on 19th May, the Management made a heartfelt decision to support two incredible causes through The Mimici Foundation: Len and Jacob, and Healing with Harvey, through the distribution of Gee’s Jams as souvenirs throughout the event.

Len and Jacob: Len and Jacob, the 10-year-old twins, have been diagnosed with Zellweger Disease, a condition for which there is currently no cure. This diagnosis presents them with specific challenges that necessitate rigorous physical therapy to address. Despite the absence of a cure, their journey is one of resilience as they navigate the complexities of their condition with determination and support.

Healing with Harvey: Harvey’s life took a dramatic turn in early 2014 when he suffered severe burns from scalding hot food. The incident left him with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his face, chin, chest, and arm, altering his life in profound ways. Despite enduring such traumatic injuries, Harvey’s resilience shines through as he bravely faces the challenges of recovery with unwavering determination and strength.

The Mimici Foundation in collaboration with FJVA is honoured to stand alongside them in their noble missions. Together, let’s continue to spread love, hope, and support to those in need.

The Mimici Foundation supports causes such as Len, Jacob, and Harvey and improving the lives of those in need through various projects. Should you wish to contribute to similar causes and make a real difference, you can do so today by clicking here.