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The transport industry encompasses three main sectors namely, Aviation, Maritime and Automotive. FJVA will help you identify any existent and potential weaknesses which could be negatively impacting your business as well as put forward recommendations to boost the growth of your business.

  • Aviation

The island’s strategic geographic position has greatly contributed to Malta having a strong aviation industry. In recent years, Malta has become a protagonist in relation to both commercial and private airlines. Malta has also been at the forefront to provide an array of services such as engineering, manufacturing and communication services, maintenance, crew training, repair and overhaul, among others. The reformation of the Aircraft Registration Act (Cap. 503 of the Laws of Malta) as well as the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment have played a vital role in the proper regulation of the aviation industry, most notably the financing of aircrafts.

  • Maritime 

Malta is a highly reputable maritime island nation, due to the high standards in terms of safety and services of its maritime register. Proud to have the largest flag register in Europe, Malta is an attractive place to register a vessel, and it continuously strives to become the top global location for the yacht and superyacht industry. At FJVA, we have integrated yachting services as part of our core practice areas, both for individuals and corporate entities seeking to own or lease yachts through corporate vehicles or otherwise. Our experienced and dedicated professionals are available to expertly guide clients, ensuring a seamless registration process and are on hand to provide clients with other ancillary services.

  • Automotive

The development of EVs and AVs within the Automotive Industry greatly transformed supply chains as well as customers’ change in preferences. All these changes affected companies within this industry which had to adapt, evolve and cautiously plan for the future of mobility. FJVA, with its vast experience in helping the industry’s leading companies, will be a great asset in your quest to deliver the best products and services to your customers, whilst also ensuring the company’s sustainable growth.

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