Malta’s multi-culturalism, its Mediterranean climate and flourishing economy, are all factors that make the country an attractive place from which to work, where to retire, and from where to develop or expand your business.

FJVA, as a licensed agent, can help make your relocation a simple process. We will guide every step of the way on your residency and citizenship applications. The main programmes include but are not limited to:

  • Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment
  • Malta Permanent Residence ProgrammeNomad Residence Permit
  • The Residence Programme (TRP)
  • Global Residence Programme (GRP)

Process & Timeline


Guidance founders in providing supporting docs.


Holding Company Information


Submission of Bank Account Forms, Applicationfor VAT Registration, Issuing of Tax Reg. No.


The FJVA guide to Corporate Reconstructing.

    We've been collaborating with Francis J. Vassallo & Associates Ltd. since 2007. We've always relied on them to provide us with sound and knowledgeable advice as well as with high-quality, customised services to meet our specific needs. They're definitely one of our most valuable business partners and will remain as such for the years to come.

    Mr. Ali NesrWebcor Group, Founder & Chairman

    Throughout the 17 years of cooperation, we have seen how Francis J. Vassallo & Associates Ltd. not only provide an excellent service but they also bring in business insight, protect the business as their own, all in a friendly, professional and committed manner.

    Mr. Omar KoleilatCrestyl Group, CEO

    Francis J. Vassallo & Associates Ltd. has been our preferred partner for business in Malta since 2019. The company offers the highest levels of expertise and competence through their team of professionals. They also have a deep understanding of the jurisdictions and a vast knowledge of the effort that is involved in company structures. Their client experience is also something to praise - not only are their professionals extremely respectful, cordial, and responsive, but they also have the ability to look at matters through the clients' lens, providing tailor-made and customised services and solutions.

    Mr. Pedro OlmoXP Private, Partner

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