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Registering a yacht under the Malta flag offers various advantages. Malta’s yacht registration services provide a reputable and internationally recognised flag. The Malta flag also provides access to European Union (EU) benefits and hosts a robust legal framework, enhancing the vessel’s marketability and facilitating global navigation. Malta has a straightforward registration process and a supportive maritime administration, resulting in an attractive choice for yacht owners or operators seeking a secure and advantageous flag registration. Additionally, Malta offers an efficient fiscal regime yielding a cost-effective environment for yachting operations and yacht owners.

Malta has a first class infrastructure enabling a seamless experience from set up to managing yachting operations. This can be seen from the professional approach taken by the various authorities including, the Malta Business Registry (MBR), Transport Malta (TM), the fiscal authorities, as well as the array of key technical professionals within the industry, such as surveyors providing tailored support.


Whether you’re a commercial operator or a pleasure yacht owner, our comprehensive yachting services offer unparalleled peace of mind, ensuring smooth commercial operations or optimal enjoyment on the water.

At FJVA, we have integrated yachting services as part of our core practice areas. We offer services to individuals and corporate entities seeking to own, lease or charter yachts through corporate vehicles or otherwise.

Our experienced and dedicated team of professionals are available to expertly guide clients, ensuring a seamless process.
FJVA is well placed to deliver a wide range of services that may find application in a diverse yachting industry.


Yachting in Malta offers several benefits, making it an attractive destination for enthusiasts and operators. Some of the key benefits are set up below:

  • Malta enables yacht owners to benefit from an attractive VAT rate of eighteen per centum (18%), fostering an encouraging environment for long-term yacht ownership
  • Malta offers well-equipped marinas and state-of-the-art facilities catering to the needs of yacht owners and crew. These amenities enhance the overall yachting experience, providing comfort and convenience
  • The Maltese flag grants access to the privileges and protections of the European Union, facilitating smooth navigation within EU waters
  • Malta has a reputable maritime flag, offering global recognition and acceptance in the yachting industry
  • Malta’s maritime administration is known for its efficiency, ensuring a streamlined and straightforward registration and on-going flag compliance process for vessels
  • Malta maintains a stable legal and regulatory environment for yachting, providing clarity and predictability for yacht owners and operators
  • Malta adheres to international maritime standards, ensuring the safety and security of vessels registered under its flag


  • Company formation
  • Malta flag yacht registration
  • Resident agent services
  • Specialised yachting advisory and structuring
  • Specialised yachting, direct and indirect tax advisory
  • Direct and indirect tax compliance
  • Ongoing compliance services attributable to the Malta flag
  • Yacht finance solutions
  • Concierge services

Are there any fiscal advantages to owning or operating a vessel through a Malta structure?

Yes, Malta offers a favourable direct and indirect tax regime for yacht owners or operators, including VAT deferment on leasing and purchase transactions, as well as the applications of a beneficial corporate tax rate on income generated through yachting operations.

How long does the registration process take?

Subject to the receipt of complete documentation required (legal & compliance), it typically takes a few days to obtain a provisional certificate of registration.

What are the steps involved in registering a yacht under the Malta flag?

The registration process typically involves submitting necessary documentation, such as proof of ownership, a builder’s certificate, and a tonnage survey report, to the Maltese authorities through a recognised yacht surveyor.

What are the ongoing obligations once a yacht is registered under the Malta flag?

Yacht owners are required to comply with various ongoing obligations, including maintaining the vessel’s seaworthiness, ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations, and renewing registration and certification as required by Maltese law.

What are the jurisdictional limitations imposed on a yacht owner to register a yacht under the Malta flag?

In order to register a vessel under the Malta flag, the yacht must be owned by a company or an individual.  In case the yacht will be owned by an individuals, there must be a connection with an EU jurisdiction. Nonetheless, we are in a position to offer various solutions for individuals not connected with the EU.

Can I use my yacht for commercial purposes if registered under the Malta flag?

Yes, subject to obtaining a commercial registration, Malta allows yachts registered under its flag to engage in commercial activities.

    Throughout the 17 years of cooperation, we have seen how Francis J. Vassallo & Associates Ltd. not only provide an excellent service but they also bring in business insight, protect the business as their own, all in a friendly, professional and committed manner.

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    Francis J. Vassallo & Associates Ltd. has been our preferred partner for business in Malta since 2019. The company offers the highest levels of expertise and competence through their team of professionals. They also have a deep understanding of the jurisdictions and a vast knowledge of the effort that is involved in company structures. Their client experience is also something to praise - not only are their professionals extremely respectful, cordial, and responsive, but they also have the ability to look at matters through the clients' lens, providing tailor-made and customised services and solutions.

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    We've been collaborating with Francis J. Vassallo & Associates Ltd. since 2007. We've always relied on them to provide us with sound and knowledgeable advice as well as with high-quality, customised services to meet our specific needs. They're definitely one of our most valuable business partners and will remain as such for the years to come.

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